10 Differences Between Trading & Investing

Although both day trading and investing share the same ultimate goal of generating profits from the markets, the means through which this goal is achieved are much different. Understanding the difference between the two will allow you to focus on the activities that are conducive to your success. Think of this concept with a real […]

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35 Day Trading Terms You Should be Aware of

Like any technical industry, the world of day trading is full of jargon. While this jargon seems completely normal to experienced traders, it can leave new traders confused. Understanding terminology shouldn’t be the difficult part of trading, so make sure you are familiar with these common terms and acronyms! 52-week high/low – When a stock […]

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Key Lessons in Risk Management

As day traders, we are always focused on finding profitable trading opportunities. After all, the point of day trading is to make money. While profitability is clearly the ultimate goal of all trading activities, it’s also important to focus on risk management. Properly managing your risk, or improving your current risk management system, can improve […]

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Technical Indicators Explained: RSI

As part of our “Technical Indicators Explained” series, we are focused on breaking down some of the more commonly used technical indicators that may be beneficial to your trading. There is an endless supply of different technical indicators and you should not attempt to use every single one of them. Instead, you should focus on […]

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Understanding The Stock Cycle

No stock is the same and there are thousands of different chart patterns forming on a daily basis. In order to make sense of this overwhelming amount of data, it’s important to utilize pattern recognition techniques that allow you to summarize data and ease the decision-making process. Regardless of your trading style, it’s important to […]

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Understanding a Stock’s Trend & Its Significance to Your Trading Style

Being a successful day trader is all about being able to predict a stock’s future price action. If you go long a stock, you’re betting that the stock will go up. If you short a stock, you’re betting the stock will go down. The strategies that go into this decision making process rely heavily on […]

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The Pros and Cons of Paper Trading

When new traders discover day trading, they are often anxious to get their feet wet. The markets are full of opportunities that can be exciting for all traders. That being said, the markets also require a lot of education, discipline and practice. Many new traders will resort to paper trading. Paper trading is when you […]

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The 80/20 Rule: Day Trading Applications

When new traders enter the markets, they’re usually anxious to start trading as much as possible. Even experienced day traders will sometimes feel the urge to trade actively, regardless of the opportunities available. This feeling is natural. After all, it can be boring to stare at a screen for hours without placing any trades. That […]

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Introduction to Candlestick Charting

In the world of day trading, stock charts are arguably the most informative data summarization tools available. Almost every single day trader uses some form of charts to aid his/her decision making process. There are a variety of different chart types available, but candlestick charts are easily one of the most popular amongst day traders. […]

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11 Lessons in Trading Psychology

Becoming a better day trader requires that you not only focus on textbook knowledge, but also on yourself. As a day trader, you are the driver of your own success. Often times, traders tend to focus solely on the market and forget that their own behaviors may be holding them back. This is why it […]

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